Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break-Day Four

Day four of Spring Break. Talk about a not so good day. I was nicknaming myself the "grumpy bitch" that day because I was not feeling well due to tooth aches and lack of sleep. Also, it was raining.
Today, hubby and step son decided to go hiking while my sister in law and I took the boys to Pigeon Forge to shop around.
This was an adventurous day for sure.

We dropped hubby and step son off at the visitor center in Townsend, TN and then they went off on their own from there. By the time we arrived, it stopped raining. THANK GOODNESS!!!

We were all hungry and so were the little boys so we stopped in Pigeon Forge and ate at Cracker Barrel. Sis in law and her son played a short game of checkers while we waited for our food to arrive.

Lunch was going to be followed by some shopping or taking the boys to go play somewhere but this happened:

The white Toyota Avalon was driven by a much older couple who did not see us as they were backing out. The red Hyundai Elantra was my sister in law's car which had more damage to it than the other car. They were found to be at fault for it and it scared my 4 yr old to the point he wanted to come back home to Texas. Poor guy. That ended our day in Pigeon Forge. On the way home, sis in law got "lost"...she actually drove 10 minutes past our exit to get back to the cabin. Oops.

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