Monday, March 28, 2011

Tummy Ache

It's funny how a simple tiny pill can make all your pain go away yet make you fall asleep so fast! It's also funny how a screaming 4 yr old at 1:45am can change all that.
Thank goodness hubby was home last night.
Hubby went darting out of the bedroom to find lil man crying on the potty this morning. He was saying his tummy was hurting yet he couldn't go #2. I believe that is the issue but it was hurting so bad he couldn't even stand up or walk. He couldn't even lay flat on the bed or on the couch. He felt at ease and comfortable with his knees to his chest.
Lil man laid in bed between hubby and I but wouldn't let me rub his tummy as it would hurt if I di that.
The ER kept rushing through my mind but what can they do ? Nothing. A little boy has to poop and nothing you can do about that.
I felt so helpless since I had 1500 mg of vicodin as well as an anti-inflammatory in my system. They made me so tired, I couldn't walk straight. I had to hold onto the walls or something to get from one room to the next. It made me so tired, each time I closed my eyes,I was out like a light.
We tried giving little man some Peptobismol, water, fruit juice, and even a bit of milk. Hubby even asked if he wanted almost 3am. Whatever works! Nothing seemed to work thought.
So there I was, crying alone in my bed TRYING to fall asleep while hubby was taking care of lil man. I felt so helpless, selfish and not useful. Im his mother and I should have been able to help no matter what but at that point I couldn't. Hubby kept telling me it was okay and that I had surgery 3 days ago and it was fine but my maternal instinct kept telling me it was not and that *I* should have been the one tending to my son.

Good news is, he is feeling SO MUCH better this morning and back to his old self. It was just a scary few hours to go through with him.

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