Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break-Day Six

Are we done yet? NOPE! Not yet!

HAPPY ST PATTY'S DAY-day six!!!!

I think I got off to a bad start on the morning of day six. I was grumpy and just not in the mood for anything.
Thankfully, hubby just ignored my sour mood and took us horseback riding. YAY!
I had a very beautiful, slow and somewhat lazy horse named Sunny while hubby had a short stubby horse named Homer. Too many donuts, maybe? Ha!
Didnt really take too many photos of that so there won't be any.
Later that afternoon, we got back to the cabin and hubby and I got back to working on the storage as everyone else was feeding the ducks at the local pond.
Aidan had more fun (when they arrived back at the cabin) riding the mower with his daddy.

Oh and yes, everyone was decked out in their green or their Irish one likes to be pinched!

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