Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break-Day Five

Day Five in Tennessee consisted of a LOT of walking. That may have been the only day I did a lot of that.
Hubby and I traveled to Gatlinburg that day. On the way, we stopped many times for photo ops. It was one of the coldest days by far in Tenneessee.

When we finally arrived in Gatlinburg, TN, we stopped at one of my favorite pancake houses called The Pancake Pantry  and while there hubby made a few calls and told me we were going to be staying at The Four Seasons Hotel. I was like "Say what? We are sleeping in style tonight" (it was really a "motor lodge" but instead we found a cute dainty hotel on the river for the night. And it was cheaper!
We then drove back into the mountains after getting our hotel room and took more photos at "The Top Of the World" and then drove back to Pigeon Forge for a bit and then back to Gatlinburg. While in Pigeon Forge, we grabbed some Pizza Hut for dinner and took leftovers back to the hotel. When we got back to Gatlinburg, it was still a bit chilly but only about 9pm and I hated to be stuck in a hotel room for the night, so we trotted on down the strip and got some fudge and then walked back to the hotel.

We watched some TV, drank some Pepsi, ate some Chex Mix and then went to bed.

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