Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's In A Busy Week?

Journalism was a favorite class of mine in high school. Even got a story published that took at least half a page. I need to see if my mother can find that and scan it in for me! And, I was even a Journalism major in college. You would THINK I would come up with better titles for my blog posts!
This week, I have an excuse. I have been busy from the get go.
I started it out by going to the Irish Festival with my family Sunday. It was a great and busy day. It was more like dropping hubby's truck off at work for him, going to the Irish Festival while meeting up with some of hubby's guy friends (their families didn't attend this year), walking around the festival for 3 hours (I believe, as I lost track of time), then going to grab a bite to eat at the local Tex Mex diner, dropping hubby off from work, stopping by Petsmart to pick up some fish food and a water "feeder" for the dogs, and then heading home FINALLY. That makes me tired just reading that.
Monday, I spent the time cleaning the upstairs bathroom, washing a comforter and drying it (several times due to this bulkiness), vacuuming the living room, I even washed all my make up brushes (I need to do that MORE often than I have been), made a batch of brownies with nuts on top, and I even squeezed in lunch and some DVR shows in there as well. It was more of a sporadic cleaning as I didn't do it all at once.
Yesterday, was a busy and somewhat stress relieving day I have had so far this week. It started with an "early" dentist appointment at 11am to figure out WHAT is causing this pain/pressure and HOW to relieve it. Turns out that I need "a lot" of work done. I am getting my 2 right (upper and lower) wisdom teeth removed the 25th of this month. I am not going to be able to save my lower right wisdom tooth like I had hoped. They said it would be putting me through too much pain and it would never "dislock" the upper wisdom tooth as it is locked in place under my back molar. Therefore in the future I will have to get an implant or a denture to put in the back right as I will no longer have any except my premolar and my first molar to chew on. Also, I need 3 root canals with crowns and then I have 2 teeth that recently broke that need caps/crowns on them or at least repaired (however they do that). I also have a filling falling out (from my previous dentist that I had 2 other fillings fall out from) that needs refilled. Again, it seems like a lot of work but really isn't. They said I had a pretty healthy mouth and my teeth looked great! It just irks me when I have to get HUNDREDS almost THOUSANDS of dollars worth of work done all because a dentist in the past didnt do his job properly. I really want to find that dentist and hunt him down and give him a piece of my mind. THANK GOD we have awesome insurance.
After the dental visit, we drove about 20 min out of the way to get a gun safe that my in laws paid for for hubby's guns as well as a new pair of hiking shoes for each step son and hubby and then a new pair of athletic/lounge pants for myself. Lunch was soon to follow afterwards and then back home. After returning home and dropping off the boys, I ran up the street to get my hair trimmed. It needed to be done.
Phew, that also makes me tired reading typing all that.
Today, after only 4 hours of sleep, I dropped off my prescription for more pain pills that will ease my pain/pressure in my mouth from my wisdom teeth (until I get my dental work done), went to Walmart where I got a suitcase to HOPEFULLY fit both mine and hubby's clothes in, a new duffel bag for step son and then some travel things. Afterwards, I went back to the sports store to exchange step son's hiking shoes hubby bought yesterday for a bigger size. 15 yr old boys, I tell you what! HOPEFULLY those are the right size. I then drove to get my prescription----only cost me $2.33 check that out----and then lunch for little man and then home. I wasn't even home for 2 minutes when a big gush of a wind (I hate strong winds like this in the Spring time) came by and knocked a gallon of milk off my truck's tailgate and onto the ground where THANKFULLY only 1/4 of the milk spilled out. My dear hubby was able to save the rest. Sucks though but it ended it a good result.
Tomorrow will be a "busy" day of laundry and cleaning as well as packing as we aren't sure if we will be Tennessee bound Friday evening after step son gets out of school or Saturday morning. I am thinking Saturday morning may be best but we will make that determination Friday morning sometime.
I am actually excited for Tennessee as hubby and I made a plan to go horse back riding in Gatlinburg (LOVE that town) the day before we leave as well as stay the night there in a hotel (kind of a "tradition" that his parents watch the kids and we go out by ourselves). Also, the day we leave I am meeting a REALLY great internet mommy friend I have known for YEARS (probably not long after I had little man) for the first time. Her hubby is serving over seas right now so it will be her and the 4 kiddos and it will be me and my family. You bet your bottom dollar photos will be taken!
Either way, I will be MIA until at least the 19th or 20th enjoying Spring Break with the family and the BEST in laws a girl could ask for!

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