Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break-Day Three

Day two was followed by the start of a new week-Monday. Day three didnt have a lot of activity to it. I was in a lot of pain that day so I was in my comfy pants and a tshirt. Sis in law and her son came up to the cabin to spend their Spring Break week with us. It was loads of fun.
The older men started cleaning the storage under the cabin as well as the storage on the land and moving things to where they needed to go and boxing stuff up for Goodwill. We found an old Polaroid camera that nephew in law enjoyed playing with. I think we have a future photographer on our hands. Also, hubby, sis in law, step son and father in law all had their share of "playing" with a .22 hand gun.

Sis in law brought her friend Patron with her and had mom in law and hubby taking some shots. It was fun to watch because of mom in law's expression after taking the shot.

That concludes day number three in Tennessee!

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