Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy (?) Mother's Day

the day I became a mommy to my lil man 8-10-06

I would like to start this off by wishing everyone a very happy Mother's Day and hoping everyone had a great day whether it have been breakfast in bed, jewelry, spa treatment, or just a day with your loved ones.
My day started off in a not so great way in many ways. I woke up, showered and took an hour to get ready (as I curled my hair). I then headed up to the store to find  my mother the gift she requested. I panicked as I could not find the gift. I panicked even more when I realized that store was short on cards. I got home and immediately almost had tears in my eyes because everyone else gave my mother a card (or at least a phone call) and I wanted to show her how much she truly means to me by getting her the gift she requested. Therefore hubby looked up a few places online that had the gift. Afterwards, as we were ready to go, I asked my mother what time would be great to come by so we can all gather and celebrate the day. She informed me she wasn't really sure or really didn't care but somewhere in there she had to take a nap.
I have to say I was a bit confused and somewhat hurt. I didn't want to go buy gas for the truck, drive 40 minutes to her place and then feel rushed to leave so she could nap. I also didn't want to go all that way and end up waking her up and then having her be a bit grouchy as she didn't get much of a nap because we showed up. Therefore, we opted out of not going. I was very hurt. I almost thought to myself that a nap was more important than all of us showing up. I, personally, at that point no longer felt important to anyone on this day. I understand if you are up throughout the middle of the night or didnt get much sleep or whatever the case may be. I did not go to sleep until 3am and I was up MANY times throughout the night (as the Mother of all Mothers is staying a week with us during this holiday....women will get my meaning) and I only slept MAYBE 5-7 hours. My left upper wisdom tooth has been bothering me, I haven't been sleeping well lately and I feel I've been plagued with migraines lately so I understand needing to lay down but there is a time for that and I didn't feel it was as we were either ABOUT to show up or WHILE we were there.
Okay, off my soap box now.
Thankfully hubby didn't work today so he took me out to Black-Eyed Pea with the 2 kiddos and I enjoyed a Market Mushroom dish (the appetizer). They were whole mushrooms fried in batter with Ranch dressing. YUMMY!!!! We headed to T-Mobile afterwards as my phone has had issues of sending text messages as well as issues of not wanting to call out. I will be having ANOTHER replacement shipped to me in the next week or so. Following all that, we headed to the theater where we ALL enjoyed the movie Fast Five. TALK ABOUT A GREAT MOVIE!!!
I am very thankful for my family I have here at home. My hubby got me a teardrop necklace with my lil man's birthstone in it. My lil man got me matching earrings and the my step son got me a thicker necklace chain for my necklace hubby got me.
My day did not start out great but it ended pretty decent.

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