Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bucket List: Revisited and Revised

After talking to my mother, many friends and thinking really hard (yes, it sorta hurt!) I have decided to revise my bucket list.

My original list included:

  1. Swim with the dolphins
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Learn to Ice Skate
  4. Go on a safari
  5. Stand under a waterfall
  6. Volunteer at a wildlife exhibit
  7. Participate in a 5k race
  8. Attend my high school reunion---at least one
  9. Test drive/drive a sports car
  10. Donate toys during the holidays
  11. Go on a spur of the moment spontaneous road trip
  12. Get fitted for a bra *chuckles*
  13. Knit a scarf/blanket
  14. See a Broadway play
  15. Win something
  16. Take a trip with my mom
  17. Cook at least one recipe from every cookbook I own
  18. Dye my hair blonde
  19. Ride a mechanical bull
  20. Complete a 1000 pc puzzle...Im good at 500 but I want to up the stakes
  21. Meet someone famous
  22. Visit a Castle
  23. Travel to France
  24. Travel to Italy
  25. Travel to Ireland
  26. Travel to Egypt
  27. Tour a lighthouse
  28. Go to a Wax Museum
  29. Go on a Girls' Trip
  30. Go on a solo vacation
  31. Get a Tattoo
  32. Be Debt Free
  33. Go Whale Watching
  34. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  35. See the Circus
  36. Go to Las Vegas
  37. Visit Colorado
  38. Learn to say "Hello" in at least 20 different languages (3/20)
  39. Go on a Helicopter Ride
  40. Fly in a plane while dear hubby is the pilot
  41. Learn to drive a jet ski
  42. Learn to back the boat in the water as well as take it out of the water
  43. Ride in a limo
  44. Visit the wreckage of the Titanic aboard a submarine
  45. Ride in a train
  46. Visit the Grand Canyon
  47. Visit the Great Wall of China
  48. Go to Disney Land
  49. Go to Disney World
  50. Visit all 50 states (11/50)
  51. Fly a kite
  52. Learn to juggle
  53. Solve the Rubik's cube
  54. Learn not to take what others do or say personally
  55. Get a college degree
  56. Meet Prince William (and/or Prince Harry)
  57. Go to Graceland
  58. Have a street named after you
  59. Build a Habitat for Humanity Home
  60. Donate blood
  61. Create a trust fund for my child
  62. Go on that honeymoon that keeps getting postponed
  63. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter
  64. Milk a cow
  65. Learn to forgive
  66. Heal my past
  67. Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve
  68. Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 
  69. Dress in a sexy Halloween Costume 
  70. Have 2 kids---preferably boys (1/2)
  71. Have a BIG elaborate wedding
  72. Be married to someone for 50+ years (5/50) 
  73. Drive a '66 Mustang Convertible
  74. Own a few Horses
  75. Have my photo professionally taken
  76. Go to the Summer Olympics
  77. Go to the Winter Olympics
  78. Ride EVERY Roller Coaster at Six Flags
  79. Donate to Charity
  80. Save someone's life
  81. Watch the launch of the Space Shuttle
I want to add to that. 

82. Ride in the front of a roller coaster. 
83. Bungee Jump
85. Attend Church every Sunday 
87. Build a dream house for myself and my family. 
88. Meet Reba McEntire (or at least attend one of her concerts)
89. Dance with Ellen on her TV show. 
90. Learn to swim from one end of the pool to the other completely under water. 
91. Watch the changing of the guards. 
92. Ride an elephant. 
93. Take one photo a day for a whole year (365 day project)
94. Visit the concentration camps of WWII
95. Watch a NASCAR race (in person and not on TV)
96. Inspire Others
97. Stay the night at a haunted hotel 
98. Win an award for my photography
99. Ride a mechanical bull. 
100. Have 1000+ followers on my blog! 

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aimee said...

I have an award for you in my blog. Congrats! http://aimee-girltalk.blogspot.com