Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 Years Ago

August 10, 2006, a sweet little boy entered my life. He came into the world after about 13 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing (?!?!) weighing in at 8 pounds 10 ounces (really 9.9 ounces but who is counting?? Ha) at 21 inches long. He had a full head of dark hair. Around 5 months old it would turn to blonde. He is still sweet to this day 5 years later.

Tell me that doesn't make you just smile or giggle!?!?

He was such a ham!

They grow up so fast

And just one more "mobile" picture before I get his 5 yr professional photos done. This was taken yesterday at a restaurant eating a birthday brownie sundae! 

Today, for his birthday, we cashed all his coins from his piggy bank which came to around $40 and he picked out a Transformers video game, a 5 pack Hot Wheels cars as well as a Hot Wheels big rig that launches up to 8 cars at the same time.

We have been having issues with the woman making his birthday party cake, so today after all my errands, I took him up to Target (yes, a grocery store) and he picked out a Transformers cake. He was a bit bummed because we couldn't take it home today that it broke my heart...especially on his birthday. Therefore, I took him to the toy section and I got him one toy he can play with now (not like he didn't get enough earlier....what can I say, he is spoiled) as well as one that I will wrap and give to him at his party! He was much better after that. Especially after the bakery gal gave him a free birthday chocolate chip cookie.

I cannot believe my baby has turned 5 today. Where did the time go? I hope the next 5 years don't go as fast.

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