Friday, August 5, 2011

Hairstyle Number Two

I THINK I'm liking style number 1 better because it is messier and easier to do and I can POSSIBLY recreate it!

First here is a photo of my wedding dress (NOT ME in the photos...found them online)



So, now you can see how "beachy" it is and how I want a messy do to compliment it but also I want the hair UP off my back because I have this glorious thing:

Yes, it is awesome, isn't it.

So, anyways, onto the style that is supposed to look like this one

But looked like this in the end. This was a tough one NO MATTER HOW MANY TIME I watched the tutorial video. (I'm slow, oh well! Ha!)

So, out of those two so far, I'm rooting for the first up do! What'cha think?!?! Remember beachy. 

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