Monday, August 22, 2011

I Am A Kindergartener

Today, I became one of those mommies who BARELY made it out of the school after dropping off my newly turned 5 yr old at the school as a KINDERGARTENER. He has NEVER been in a daycare or preschool so this was new to us all. I was strong for him yet as I was walking out of the school, a teacher stopped me and said "you are handling this very well" and I said "yes, I guess I am but I did do some crying last night!" And we had a good laugh. As soon as I walked out the door watching all the other children enter with their parents, the thought came across that I am walking out of the building WITHOUT my baby by my side holding my hand. I cried as I reached the truck. How can he be so grown up already?!?!

Shockingly he did not become a grump, a grouch or a devil child when Mommy came and woke him up at 6:45am this morning. He was pleasantly happy and ready for school.

But as soon as I was about to leave, I told him "mommy loves you. I hope you have fun and I will be here late to pick you up from school! I love you!" This is the look he gave me:

I have to admit, I was also that mommy that had about 4 break downs in one day. I cleaned the house after I dropped him off at school to realize that it was all too quiet and he wasn't coming downstairs asking for breakfast at his normal time. Then I was out with hubby who kept saying he wasn't my baby anymore but he will always be my little boy.

Eventually the time came for us to go pick him up and he seemed to enjoy his day. He talked about the playgrounds and meeting new friends and coloring. He even brought home a brown paper sack puppet as well as a tracing of his hands!

Let us see how the rest of this week goes and hope I don't break down every day.

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