Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To School

The kiddos go back to school tomorrow. Yes, I said kiddos. My baby is finally starting school. He will be in Kinder this year. *cry*
We get to walk him to his classroom the first week of school ONLY but I am sure after a few days, he will want to walk himself to his own classroom. :(
What will I do in all that quiet time while he is gone? Better yet, how am I going to cope with all of us getting up before 7am? We are the "vampire" type....sleeping with black out curtains to keep the sun out so we can sleep until 9 or 10am (sometimes later) and going to bed between 10pm and 2am?!?!?!
I am in a rut with no photo sessions at the moment so I have no photos to edit. So much, I have actually started my own project of "A day in the life of" where I take a photo either every hour to document my daily life or just one photo a day. It gives me something to do. I could also clean the house and actually keep it clean for more than an hour! Ha!
There really isn't much to update you all with since I have just been busy trying to get the kids ready for school tomorrow.
If you are a mommy that has a baby starting school for this first time this year or remember this time very well, what did you do to keep yourself occupied? I don't start my job until around the 1st of September so until then, I need to occupy myself.

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