Monday, August 8, 2011

Bad Day Turned Truelove

Yesterday, Sunday, I planned to be a bridal model for one of my favorite photographers Leslie Spurlock Photography. She hosted a bridal/wedding workshop for other photographers. I did trial hair do's and make up ideas for days leading up to the workshop.
Sunday morning, I knew I had to be there at 10am so I got up at 8am to give me an hour to get ready. It seriously only took me about 5 minutes to do my hair (after I quickly flat iron curled it...yes, I curl with a flat iron) and then about the rest of the time to do my make up. I had to make sure it was just right and flawless.
Well to say the least, my hair kept falling out of the bobby pins and NOT doing what I planned it to do, my make up looked splotchy, and when I went into our master closet trying to find my original wedding shoes, I clocked my left temple of my head REALLY hard on the wall. So hard, I thought I literally heard it crack. At that instant, I felt seriously sick to my stomach and all I could think about is "great, now I have a crack in my skull and could possibly have bleeding in my brain." I am so positive! Ha!
I FINALLY got in the car after falling off the driveway due to this LOVELY Texas drought we have and on my way 10 minutes late to find out I forgot my bobby pins. I was NOT turning around to go retrieve them. Oh well.
I met some great photographers at the workshop as well as 2 other bridal models (one was truly a bride and the other, just like me, has already been married. One of the photographers was kind enough to post some photos already on Facebook and I am happy with the way they turned out. You really need to check out Weddings by Truelove Photography if you are interested in bridals or weddings (being as I don't shoot much with weddings anymore). Her and her husband are very sweet endearing people. If you are looking for their Facebook here it is.
After I saw the photos, I said "wow, I was just being hard on myself and I really did look okay" There were some where I said "man, I didnt look THAT good, but I guess I did!" HA!

Here are just a couple of my favorites and I will post these because they have the logo on them so I am not just "stealing" the photos! I am giving the photographer MANY credits. I cannot wait to see what else she posts as well as her husband and the 3 other photographers photos!

And about an hour or so into the shoot, my hair fell out yet again from the bobby pins so I just threw it down and left it down! 

Again, check out Weddings by Truelove Photography for more photos from this workshop and keep an eye out for other work from the other photographers!\

Workshop Host: Leslie Spurlock Photography
Photographer of these photos: Weddings by Truelove Photography
Hair: Me
Make up: Me
Dress: David's Bridal style E8122 (no longer in stock)

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Butterfly Flutter said...

I think you look great.