Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Days of Me - Day 1

Day 1 - A photo of yourself and 10 interesting facts about yourself.

Thanks to Truelove Photography for this photo!

10 interesting facts about me....hmmmm. *Putting my thinking cap on for this one* Why is it, facts about yourself, are always hard to come up with. Besides the usual of course....yes I have hazel eyes and brown hair but you can tell that by looking at the photo!

10. I like my showers so hot, the walls sweat and the mirrors steam up. Yes, I know it isn't good on my hair/scalp but when it comes time to washing my hair, I turn the water temperature down. 

9. I can say the alphabet backwards.....or at least I used to be able to. 

8. I am not a girly girl and I like to play with Hot Wheels and get dirty but I do still like to dress up and wear make up and do my hair. 

7. I like to "test" toys at toy stores just to see what they do, how loud they are, how annoying they can be and, of course, just to play with them. 

6. As one of my friends said once, "I am a Texas transplant" meaning I was not born here but as some say...I got here as fast as I could. 

5. I wanted to be a photo journalist because I love photography so much but now I am inching more and more to wanting to be a beauty consultant or make up artist because my make up bag is so full it won't close. I love make up. 

4. I will not wear nail polish on my finger nails because it will be chipped no matter what the top coat is the following day. I will though, paint my toe nails about once every month to a different color. 

3. No matter how hot or how cold it is inside or outside, I will always sleep tucked into the covers like an eskimo. Yes, I still believe if I have an arm or leg out, the monster under the bed will snatch it! 

2. I find that coloring in coloring books is very relaxing. 

1.  Last, but not least, I always wanted to be a country singer and was in choir since about the 3rd grade I do believe. 


EmptyNester said...

This sounds like an interesting challenge- I look forward to reading all about you! Your photo is gorgeous!

Teresa said...

EmptyNester-thank you so much for following me on this 30 day challenge. Thank you for the photo comment!