Friday, September 2, 2011

Hyper Puppy, Loose Teeth and Yet Still 100* outside

Oh wow, we are strolling right into September here, huh? And, may I ask WHY do we Texans still have over 100* temps? It is not fair and not right to say September while pouring sweat.

Here are some recent photos of our sweet new bundle, Speckles, at 11 weeks old. She is a beast, I tell you. Eating all 3 dishes of dog food (I have 2 other dogs) and I tell her she is like a 2 yr old hyped up on pixie sticks! But she just melts your heart when you look at her.
School has been in session for 2 weeks now and my child has had more warnings in his school folder than he has good stickers! Ha! Yes, I believe I have one of THOSE kids! He will be either the one that sleeps during class or the one that talks and is the class clown/smart @$$ but either way he will be MY child and I will love him either way. Only because I was a mixture of those all through school. I had my good and bad days!
My baby also lost his VERY FIRST BABY tooth yesterday while eating a snack at school. They were even so kind to put it in a tooth shaped container. Now, the trick is to TAKE this contraption from the death grip of my child so the "tooth fairy" can leave him something special.


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