Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lend A Helping Hand

For those that know me, know I moved in with my hubby only 3 months after we started dating back in May of 2004. If I could go back in time, I would suggest to NEVER do that with anyone else unless you know the person very well and are more than certain you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. For those that also know me, know I have been pretty much a stay at home mom and housewife for the past 7 years. For the longest time, I thought the only reason my husband let me move in with him and married me was just for me to take care of the house and the kids. There are times, I will admit, that he does load the dishwasher, wash some dishes, do some laundry and sometimes pick up around the house. To me that is just light cleaning. Cleaning really means using cleaning products and some elbow grease.
Last night, I was told that "since the separation," it seems I haven't "wanted to help out around here." *Jaw drop* Yes, that is what happened. I was in shock. My response was "okay, so what have I done the past 7 years?!?!? Yes, stayed home, took care of the kids and cleaned the house while he slept and worked.
I hate calling people out over the internet when I know, in fact, they can read every word that is written here but in all honesty, I am done hiding my feelings and emotions. I was and still am very hurt.
So, what did I do today? I cleaned.
* Ran the dishwasher
* Cleaned the kitchen island/bar (the thing in the middle of the kitchen)
* Vacuumed the living room
* Dusted all furniture in the living room
* Swept the kitchen and cleaned the kitchen floor mat
* Vacuumed the stairs (yes, I did!)
* Emptied the guest bathroom trash can
* Washed and dried a load of blankets
* Cleaned the dining room table
* Cleaned the master bathroom vanity/counters/sinks as well as the toilet and the mirror
* Cleaned the washing machine

The coffee table before: Hubby's clothes along with some of my son's pajamas. Hubby's water bottle and his dinner plate from last night (ya, gross). And all my son's markers/colors and books.

The after. Only took about 5 minutes to do that.

Hubby's end table by couch BEFORE. This is ridiculous

The end table afterwards. Another 5 minutes of cleaning. Yes, still quite a bit of stuff on it but it is all stuff that he really needs to go through but it is organized to say the least.

The before master bathroom vanity. The hair clippers hubby used this weekend still laying out along with a pair of his shorts on the counter. Everything on the right side of the counter is my stuff and all the stuff on the left is his. You can't see it in the photo but his side was worse because he shaves and trims his goatee/beard over his counter/sink so there was hair EVERYWHERE. Also on his counter/sink was blood stains from weeks ago when he cut his ear at the boat shop and never cleaned it up.

The master bathroom after. This, in fact, did not take 5-10 minutes but actually about 20 along with cleaning the mirror and the toilet.

So after all this cleaning that I have done today, I just want to show people that I do do things around here and that I do lend a helping hand. I do not have a job at the moment but in honesty, I'd rather only clean up the messes I make because there are at least 2 others that live in this house MORE THAN CAPABLE of cleaning their messes as well as picking up a vacuum or cleaning solution/product and just volunteering 5-30 minutes of their life to help clean.
I am just wondering what will happen when I do leave this house after everything is finalized. Will it look like one of those houses on the show "Hoarders" or will hubby find a "live in housekeeper" to do the dirty work? (Literally!)
Either way, I am putting my foot down and saying that I will no longer clean anything unless it is my mess or a mess of someone/something that is not capable of cleaning the mess.

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