Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Days of Me - Day 7

Day 7 - Your idea of your dream wedding (or if you are married, what was your wedding like)

I am...have been married but honestly it was nowhere near my dream wedding. It small and near a beach...not on it. It was in the fall but felt like summer.

My dream wedding would be in the fall. The color scheme would consist of purple and orange. They are a great color combination and resemble fall perfectly. 

It would be super cute for the bridesmaids....even myself to wear boots but it isn't something that has to be done. Especially if the groom isn't into the idea. 

The bouquets would be gorgeous with both purple and orange flowers in them. Maybe orange roses with purple lily's. 

Center pieces could consist of twigs/branches with some beading hanging from them or even flowers on them. Maybe even wine glasses upside down with a flower under neath and a candle on top. What cute ideas. 

I am unsure on the dress but I know I would love for it to be strapless or have one shoulder and a gorgeous train. October in Texas is always unpredictable but I don't want to be hot or uncomfortable. I also would love a sash/ribbon on my dress in either purple or orange. 

Even just a simple wedding cake but still elegant and big enough to feed everyone. Then again, let's be realistic....not everyone eats a piece of cake. 

An outdoor wedding would be great if the weather agreed. Especially if you can smell the crisp fall leaves in the air and the temps are just right. Instead of rose petals down aisle or an aisle runner. It would be fun to have pumpkins lining each chair aisle with maybe BIG orange/purple balloons tied to them. Or even vintage lanterns next to each aisle. 

Maybe even do a candy/sweets bar and have like fall colored candy as well as other sweets. 

Maybe even have the reception in a barn or something similar with like paper lanterns and candles everywhere. Let's just hope we don't burn the place down! 

The bridesmaids in either purple or orange...or even a mix of both and even the groom/groomsmen wearing orange/purple ties/vests. 

I am sure there are many details I am missing but that is gist of my dream wedding. I want it to be big. Big to me is anything close to 100 guests and at least 3-5 bridesmaids/groomsmen. My wedding only consisted of my in laws and a ring bearer and my brother. I want to be able to do the bouquet/garter toss, toasts, dancing, etc.  And I would love for the groom to be involved in a lot of the decision making. It is his day too and I want his opinions and we can compromise! 

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