Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recap-Things I've Been Meaning To Do

Apparently my mess is being spread all over Facebook land so here is a recap of my previous "Things I've Been Meaning To Do" blog post.

It all started with one tiny...large blog at I'm a Lazy Mom She has a link up on her blog and I fell victim...took time out of my day to link up with her.

1. This phone is STILL sitting on the stairs. Really? What is wrong with me? Why can't I pick up a phone and put it in a box with all the other unused electronics. It doesn't a disease. Oh, I know, maybe because the "Velveteen Rabbit" story is still fresh in my mind and I don't want it to feel neglected. Okay, that isn't realistic. Moving on.....

2. This load of laundry DID in fact get put away but only to be replaced by yet another load done today. We are leaving out of town this weekend so I had to wash some laundry. There is a basket sitting on the bed in our room with folded clothes waiting to be put away as well. It will get done before the night is up. I promise! I think....!!!

3. Yup, this mess still remains and I think some of it mated over night as there is a bit more mess on the dresser today.

4. I never did go through the magazines. I was too caught up in a new book I bought yesterday (and finished today) so therefore, I just stashed the magazines out of sight, out of mind in the "cook book" drawer in my kitchen.

5. This gingerbread town still sits there. Taunting me. Teasing me. Irritating me. Half the town is telling me to throw it in the trash while the other half is just laughing at me because it knows it will never be put up with the gingerbread house.

6. Well, it was on my to-do list to fix this train track today but instead, it was destroyed even more by a large monster truck with diesel tires that my son was playing with in his bedroom today. RIP train track!

7. * STILL Embarrassed* None of this got put away but it will be soon put in a suitcase (at least some of the shoes) this weekend. Just don't look at it. Cover your eyes and I will tell you when it is gone and you can look again.

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Stacey said...

Hahaha! Great update. Sounds much like mine. MY BOYS dumped out the dead tulips for me and I DID find out where and what the game Lazy Dad brought home was all about, but beyond that. NADA.

The Lazy Mom