Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 Days and Counting Down

That is until my in laws arrive. I am so lucky to have WONDERFUL in laws but my house is a DISASTER. It is worse that the Hurricane Katrina clean up!
Therefore, I have made a list of what needs to be done and will be marking each one off (next week of course) when I get each done. I wont start until next week because if you recall, I live with 3 boys and 3 dogs!!!

Living Area, Hallways, Stairs:
*All Areas Dusted
* Hardwood/Tile Floors Mopped
* Carpet Vacuumed
* Baseboards Dusted
* Cobwebs Removed
* Window Sills Wiped Down
* Spot Clean Walls
* Wipe Switch Plates
* Picture Frames Dusted

* Carpet Vacuumed
* Linen Changed
* Beds Made
* All Areas Dusted
* Picture Frames Dusted
* Mirrors Cleaned
* Window Sills Wiped
* Spot Clean Walls
* Clean Switch Plates
* Empty Trash
* Wipe Baseboards

* Countertops/Backsplash Cleaned
* Cabinet Fronts Wiped
* Sinks Scrubbed/Disinfected
* Floor Vacuumed/Mopped
* Outside Of Appliances Wiped
* Small Appliances Wiped
* Window Sills Cleaned
* Baseboards Dusted or Wiped
* Spot Wipe Walls
* Trash Emptied
* Dishes Washed
* Wash Or Dust Table
* Clean Switch plates
* Dust walls & cobwebs

* Sink Cleaned, Disinfected
* Tub/Shower Tiles Cleaned
* Chrome Fixtures
* Toilet Cleaned/Disinfected
* Vanity Top
* Countertop Items Organized
* Towels Changed
* Mirrors Cleaned
* Window Sills Wiped Down
* Wipe Baseboards
* Vacuum/Mop* Clean Switch plates
* Dust Walls & Remove Cobwebs

LOTS TO BE DONE!!! NO time to do it in. Literally, I will only have Monday and Wednesday off that week so I will be cleaning before and after work each day to make sure this 2 story 4 bed/4 bath home gets cleaned before my in laws arrive.


aims said...

i think we's sisters from another mister!! i have those same kinds a lists!!! lol good luck!!

Teresa said...

I always have those kind of lists...they just never get done and when they do, you can't tell 2 days later!