Wednesday, November 3, 2010

50 Days

Someone on Facebook reminded EVERYONE that Christmas is only 50 days away. Eeek...I need to start Christmas shopping. Okay that is a lie....I started. Got a video game for each of the boys and a board game for the lil man so that is a start.
While I am here, I might as well add my Christmas list as well as each of my family members' list (if I can remember off the top of my head) as I know my mother and other family members read this blog. So HINT HINT HINT!!!

1. Movies: such as the following
2. Some CD's such as:
3. Hoodie Sweaters: cant go wrong (XL as I like them big)
4. Shirts/ short sleeve or long sleeve (L as I dont like them TOO skin tight)
5. Body Lotions or Sprays from Bath and Body Works
6. Towels, kitchen gadgets, more pots and pans
7. Gift Card to Kirklands (that I will LIKE)

TOOLS or a gift card to Home Depot or Lowes...other than that....dont really know---besides what I am getting him and I can't say it on here.

Lil Man:

Fisher Price Smart Cycle Racer

Clothes-Size 4T in pants and shirts
Size 12 shoes

 Step Son:
Shirts short sleeve or long sleeve (L...he is getting taller and bigger)
Pajama shorts/pants (L)
Video Games (first person shooter games or star wars or racing games)
Bed in a bag

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