Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photo Update

Yes it is that time for some photo updates!

*Taken with my cell phone of course*

Crichton got a new bed

Hubby and Lil Man curled up on couch watching tv

Lil man's pumpkin I did for him (Spongebob)

Iron Man was pooped out after the Halloween Trunk or Treat after church on Halloween

One of our flowers by our front door

I jammed thumb in college and again on Halloween so had it in a brace. No fun!

How cute is he?!?!

Mommy and my lil ham!

Yes, he is sitting like a vulture eating lunch---Jelly sandwich, chips and powdered donuts (ask his daddy)

My favorite Ron Perlman show!!!!

My 2 boys (dogs) on the couch on my lap together NOT fighting

My scarecrow! He needs a girlfriend

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