Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Is it Tuesday already???

I am always saying "I am tired of people who don't listen" so therefore, I am going to sum it up in post it notes today.

For example:
Your husband continues to put his dirty socks on the floor.---yes I see them ALL OVER the place

Your kids leave their PS2 and PS3 games ALL OVER the floor as well.---yes this is a daily occurance.

Grab a post it note.
Write a sweet, nice note and post it to the socks, and possibly the video games or TV.

They may end up looking something like this:

And lil man, I am TIRED of hearing "where dis come from?" and "why?"
So my lil darlin angel, these are for you:

And for the people at work:
And for those that make duck faces and put them on Myspace er Facebook:

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