Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One of the blogs I frequent, Mommy Moment, is giving away an awesomely cute giveaway that I feel EVERYONE needs to check out.

Taken from her blog: came about through the creation of a unique Father’s Day gift. After receiving many compliments on a shirt personalized with her son’s footprints, Susan created a kit that includes a T-shirt, paints and design ideas to create your own “My kid walks all over me” t-shirt!

With a variety of kits to choose from (including kits for Grandparents, siblings and pet owners), I selected the “Our kids are the best hands down” kit with the iridescent fabric paints.

My three year old loved doing this craft! Here’s a tip – get all your supplies ready before hand (ie. Paper plates, cloths/ paper towels) – it will save running around looking for them when little hands are covered in paint!

H was eager to dip her hands in to each paint colour and press them onto the shirt. We let it dry over night before doing J’s hands. At 16 months, I recruited my mother to help. You may need an extra set of hands to hold the child depending on their age. Even with him squirming and squishing the paint in his hands, we got great prints!

I was surprised how easily the paint washed off our hands – just a little soap and water did the trick.

The final product is going to make a great Christmas gift for DH!

Go to this link HERE to check out this giveaway and enter yourself! Dont hesitate!!!

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