Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why Is It......???

First off, let me start by ranting about Facebook. I am either the first to notice a change or the last to notice a change and I am TIRED of Facebook changing. This time it is REALLY irritating because the font is much smaller. I have what I believe to be perfect vision but dang that font is SMALL and it hurts my eyes.

Today I got to thinking of a lot of "why is it's" because a lot of them happened to me at work.

Why is it that when you have NO customers, and feel it is okay to use the  bathroom that THEN is when all the customers show up?
Why is it that the phone at work doesn't ring ALL DAY until you have a chance to use the bathroom?
Why is it when you get to the top of your stairs (at home) someone downstairs is needing something?
Why is when you do laundry and have a freshly folded basket of clothes, a child puts on said laundry and stains them within 5 minutes of wearing the newly laundered items?
Why is when you go through a child's clothes to get rid of all the spring/summer clothes and get all the winter clothes out, it gets warmer outside?
Why is when you go and put all the summer clothes BACK in the child's dresser/closet, it gets really cold outside?
Why is it that our store has no heat and my boss wants us to open the door when it isn't even 50* outside?
Why is it that I agree to meet up for some lunch and get excited, then get asked by boss to open the store on the day of the lunch and EAGERLY agree COMPLETELY forgetting about the planned lunch until the morning of?

Oh my day has been a why is it type of day.

It feels I haven't blogged in a while but I have. What am I missing???

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