Saturday, November 6, 2010

Actually a Bit Bummed

I am a bit bummed. I stated in a post before I wasn't sure what to do about my job situation and I am back to working at the place I was having issues at. While I was off work for a week, I filled out applications online and put in my resume UMPTEEN places and never heard from anyone UNTIL I went back to work at this place.
The reason I am bummed is because I am DONE with this place I am working at. TOO MUCH DRAMA!!! I am done....finished!
I had an interview at a really great place 2 days ago and really want to work there. I thought the manager and I "clicked" and she said she had interviews that day as well as Friday and would let us know by Saturday. I have yet to hear back from them. *sad face*
I really want to get out of this "hell hole" I am in...yes give it, it is a job but I hate it because I am always having to look over my shoulder, figure what they will blame me for next, etc. I am done with them.

BUT....tomorrow the hubby and I are going to go shopping for some winter clothes for me as I can't keep wearing the same "summer/spring" outfits to work. Most the winter stuff I have are hoodies and I can't wear those to work either. Can't wait!!!! Maybe I can get at least 3-5 winter shirts (long sleeve) plus a pair of skinny or straight leg jeans, maybe a pair of leggings (who knows) as well as another pair of boots...brown this time as I have tan and black. I need brown and gray and I will be all set with boot colors!

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