Monday, November 1, 2010

Me, Myself and I

Photo Update:
Just myself this time.

Growing the  bangs out and my hair is getting lighter...I cant tell. Can you???
Now to follow through with some interesting/fun facts about myself:

1. I prefer wearing black than any other color but my favorite color is blue.
2. When winter hits, you will mainly see me in hoodie sweaters.
3. My eyes change colors according to my mood but they are actually hazel.
4. I had an article published in a major newspaper in high school.
5. My favorite color eyeshadow is purple.
6. My favorite animal is the White Tiger.
7. I can say 2 phrases in French.
8. I still have all my stuffed animals from when I was younger.
9. I would go back to high school all over again if I could go back in time.
10. I am a cursing queen but I am respectful around adults and dont even or try not to curse in front of my parents!
11. My hair is naturally curly.
12. I am a photographer.
13. I dream of having a little girl later in life but I truly want another boy.
14. I love roller coasters.
15. I would own many horses if I had the land.
16. I can text without looking at my phone..that is how much I text as I know where each key is.
17. I am a night owl.
18. I only drink on holidays or when family is around.
19. I am very picky.
20. I like to keep my house clean but I don't like to clean it!

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