Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Busy, Cold, Brrrr

If I am not working, I am cleaning. Yes, if you read my blog you will see I posted my in laws will be in this town this weekend so I have to clean this HUGE house
Today, I went to our other house (been up for sale for almost a year now) and cleaned it (vacuumed, mopped, etc) and also took some more stuff back to this house (no we are not all the way moved out yet). Then I had to run some errands around town. I have been busy.
I finally have my doctor appointment tomorrow for my ear as it has been bothering me for months. A while back I posted I had a double ear infection and it has been hurting since. Uck! Can't wait to find out what is really wrong with my ear....if anything.
Oh, and sharing my awesome I am not pregnant *chuckles* but I got a 20.80 pound turkey from Walmart today for ONLY a whopping $6 and some change! Check that stuff out!!!! I am so excited.
I will catch up on blogging soon enough...maybe tomorrow as I switched days at work with another girl so I am off tomorrow as well.

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