Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cold, Cold, Go Away

Being sick sucks...plain as day. I have had what seems to be a sinus infection for last few days. I am hoping it will be gone before Christmas as I can't seem to fathom myself sick on Christmas morning. I am looking forward to the many "whoa"s, "geez"s and "dang"s coming from my 4 yr old lil man though. He got some awesome gifts this year-if I may say so myself. He even got a video message from the big jolly man himself as well.
I know, I know, most of the blogs I follow have stated that they have told their kiddos the real meaning of Christmas and that also includes not having a "santa" in the house this year. I am sorry, I will tell my kids for many years there is a Santa until they realize there is no such a days. There was a man way back in the day who was known as the Santa because he brought many gifts to many children. But as they get older they will see the true meaning of Christmas is the thought of being with your family and giving on the most wonderful of holidays.
I complain about our Christmas tree sagging but I have to admit to myself that "hey at least we have a tree" where some families can't even afford a tree and if they can it looks like the Charlie Brown tree. I was concerned as well that we wont have the money to give my kids a good Christmas and I will again admit to myself that "hey at least I have my family and our health".
I hope to you all that you will have a very merry Christmas or a happy holiday and I hope the New year upon us is a good one for you all.

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