Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Did You Do That-Make Up?

I am a photographer and I proud myself on that but for this tutorial I used my Sony Cyber-shot point and shoot camera to take the photos so they aren't as sharp or clear. Hey, I could've used my cell phone like I did the last "how to" ha ha.
Also, I am NOT a make up artist and don't claim to be one.

The other night a friend of mine came over and we were talking make up. She commented how she liked my make up and I told her I would do a "how to" make up tutorial on how to get the look I had with neutral colors because I think that looks good on EVERY woman no matter what eye color you have.

Also, I ONLY did my eye make up so I have NO make up on what-so-ever in this tutorial EXCEPT eye make up so excuse the break outs and un-even skin tone

CLEAN CANVAS: Again, excuse the break outs and un even skin tone

I use this Cover Girl foundation. I normally put it all over my face so I did not put it on my eyes for this tutorial but this is how I start out.

Next I have my Maybeline White Cover Stick

As well as my Cover Girl Highlighting/Concealer Stick 
After I have foundation on, I then put the white cover stick under my eyes to hide the dark circles

I then blend it in. Normally I would've done a better job but it is almost midnight and I am doing this tutorial.

I then put the concealer on my eye lids to 1) make them lighter as you can see my eyelids are dark and 2) to hold the eye shadow longer during the day

This is the eye shadow I will be using. Rimmel London's Quad of 019 Sun Safari

I use the one my brush is pointed at (no color names sorry) on my eyelid ONLY up to the crease and blend WELL

Here is after that color is on my lids.
Next I used Rimmel London's 100 Glam Ice (white) shadow on my brow line

Photo of the main color and the white

Then I will typically use the darker color (if during the day) and place it in my crease
If is during the night time and I am going out I typically put it on the corners of my outer lid (will show in another tutorial)

Hard to see because lighting is bad but I have the white on my brow line, the dark color in the crease and the main color on my lid

I then will use my Covergirl 210 Espresso (brown) eyeliner (typically I go brown if I am doing neutral colors, otherwise I will use black)

Again, I was in a rush so they aren't even but I used the brown liner on my lid and under my eyes
I will now take the main color and use it UNDER my eye HALF WAY from middle to my outer eye (like liner) and then I will use a lighter (I used the bottom right) color and put it under my eye from the corner to the middle

I will finish it off with my CoverGirl Lash Blash Very Black mascara. I did not put any on for this tutorial because again it is almost midnight and I don't feel like washing mascara off my face tonight!

Here is a photo taken a while back but you can see how I used the darker color on the corner of my eyes and not in the crease. This was actually a silver on the lid, a cream color on the brown and a maroon on the corner and as liner on the top lid
Here is where I used a purple

And here is where I used a green. I used a dark green on the main lid, then did a lighter green over that and then I did black in the corners and did a cream on the brown.
There you have it. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see other tutorials.

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