Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Do You Do That???

I've been told, by many, they hate me.......and my hair. Well, love you too!!! Ha ha. Here is a photo tutorial on how I straighten my hair every day (I straighten it as I do not straighten it every day)
You, too, can get hair like mine as well
Excuse the photos as they were taken on my cell phone. 

I start with spraying (any) Heat Tamer Spray or any Heat Therapy Spray on my wet hair (or you can do it on dry as well)

I then blow dry my hair with the dryer pointing down

When it is 85% dry, I flip my hair (as this gives your hair volume) and finish drying that way

As my hair is flipped, I go ahead and straighten my hair this way

I then part my hair into sections by clipping parts of it up and I straighten each section until I am done
I then spray some Shine Spray/Gloss onto my hair to make it shiny

And VOILA, there you go!!!

Hope this helps and if you use this "tutorial" let me know and post some photos so I can see how a before and after!!!!

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