Monday, December 27, 2010

Straight or Curly???

My mom was saying Christmas day that I always seemed to hate my curly hair and wanted it straight. Now that it is straight, I want it curly. She even said I never even wanted to do anything with my hair---brush it, at least, until I was in the 5th grade. I was mentioning to her how some girls/women love to collect shoes, glass figurines or purses. I like to collect make up (I am a huge make up fan) and hair styling products like blow dryers (I have 2 of them), straighteners (I now have 4 of them) and curling irons (3 of them).
I told hubby for Christmas I would like a 1/2" straightener so I can make some tighter curls. If you remember my "Farah Fawcett" hair

Well, hubby got me a Conair 3/4" straightener for Christmas instead. That is fine, it is smaller than a 1". He he
So this is me Christmas morning:
With my new soft fluffy scarf hubby gave me.
And this is me Christmas afternoon after I played with my new 3/4" straightener
Listening to that double CD now as I blog! Love me some Beatles!!!
This thing ROCKS!!!
So, what do you think??? Do the curls work??? I love them!!!


Crystal said...

OMGosh you are so frickin' cute! Totally hating you.

Hope you had a great Christmas!! Enjoy the New Year!!

Teresa said...

LOL Awww I will take that as a compliment Crystal! LOL.

Katie said...

I agree with Crystal...ya jerk! lol love you!

Dizzy C said...

I like your hair straight or curly. It is lovely that you can have it either way. Curly is softer on your face.

I have very curly, frizzy hair that refuses to be straightened for very long.

Teresa said...

Carol, I have hair products I use to get it to look THAT straight. I too have very frizzy hair and sometimes I am not smart about it and later my hair gets too oily and flat from the products but I have learned to manage over the past year on what to put in and how much to put in!
Also, I never condition my hair unless I plan on curling it or else it will be flat when I straighten it.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks fantastic with that extra wave, curl and bounce. I would heavily suggest getting a heat protectant for your hair so you don't mechanically damage it (For straightening try some of the redkin products, they last forever and they don't flatten.) You can find them at any salon and more often than not they will have a strength to them to keep those beautiful curls from potentially flattening, even in the rain.