Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It Could Be Worse

What does that really mean? And why would I want it to be any worse?
I just lost my job 4 days before Christmas. Don't ask why because I cannot give you a reason. Why, because I don't want to? No, because I don't even know the reason why. Well, I could give you reason why but it will not be nice!
The only notice I got was from a coworker stating that I was taken off the schedule all next week. Why? Because "we have no hours to give you" was the response. WHAT??? I know that is bull crap! I really do because all 3 of the new employees are complaining they have to work EVERY SINGLE DAY until New Years day. No hours to give me, my butt!
Months ago, they let someone go by taking them off the schedule and using the same "reason" of no hours. It got to be a game for so long, the employee just quit. I may complain in my blogs here and there but I am NOT a quitter and I will not quit.
I then got a text message from the "right hand man" employee (the one that has been working for our boss for 9-12 yrs) and she told me to turn in my key sometime Wednesday or Thursday morning. I told her I was not turning in my key unless I had an email or phone call with reason as to why there are "no hours to give" me. I then turned around and emailed my boss/the owner of the store and told her I am not dumb, I was not born yesterday and I know she is letting me go but I need to have reason as to why she is letting me go. Let's see how long it takes her to respond if she even does. I bet you all my Christmas gifts, she does not! She is good about beating around the bush and will not own up to the responsibility of being a store owner.

I guess in a way, it could be a lot worse but trust me, I have a feeling it will get a lot worse if I do not find another job.

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Katie said...

I do not understand why people think they can run/own a store without good management skills. It is absolutely ridiculous. I am so sorry that you are going through this...you are doing the right thing. Unless they give you a reason, they can kiss your ass. Love you!