Friday, December 3, 2010

Gingerbread Village From Hell

I HATE....and I will repeat....HATE decorating Gingerbread houses. Well, this year lil man and I did a Gingerbread Village. Yes, you heard that right. 5...FIVE houses.

Talk about a bubble bath with wine needed afterwards.
1) They only give you 2 cardboard cutouts the size of an infant's diaper to set 5 houses on. Are you kidding me???
2) There is no room to decorate the houses on just those 2 tiny platforms.
3) They give you WAY too much icing and you have to keep it covered with damp towel or it gets hard as a rock.
I dont know who does those houses on the boxes but trust me, unless you have been a baker or done this type of things for YEARS, then it is NOT worth the frustration as it will look so ugly and messy not even the gingerbread man....or woman would want to live in it.
I am done with gingerbread houses after this year. NO MORE! *puts a foot down*

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