Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Love of a Father

I'm sitting here wondering if that is truly what all this is. Does my dad love me so much, he just LOVES to irritate me and make me mad? I know my husband and I joke around all the time "We only married each other so we have someone to annoy" but heck, this is WAY BEYOND annoying.

I no longer refer to my dad as my dad (except in this blog because I will keep real names out of it---and not to protect the innocent---HA!) Well, I haven't seen any Thanksgiving photos from either of my Florida siblings so I ran across to my dad's Facebook as he had Thanksgiving photos up. Hearing that my siblings were celebrating with him, I thought I might see some photos but all I saw were table settings, the turkey and the food. Waste of my time. But, oh wait, what is this???
A photo album called "My Kids and grandbabies and thier mothers" and yes, the only "mother" in this album is MY mother. Oh, my mother would have a field day if she knew he had a recent (from last Christmas 2009) photo of her on HIS Facebook. I'm sure she will just ignore it though being more "grown up" than myself but I am more passive aggressive at times. Yes, I will admit that. No, it doesn't always solve anything but at least I get my feelings off my chest, right?

Either way, I sent him a Facebook message asking him to take the photos he has my son and myself off his Facebook. It would be great. He doesn't act like my father so I do not want to be his daughter and he doesn't even associate with me as his daughter. Besides putting me in a "My kids...." album.

This morning, I wake up and this is NOT the first thing I want to wake up too, but I woke up to a message in return.

I am not sugar coating this message because there is no need too, so I am copying it straight from Facebook to here so you can read it in your entirety.

I told you once before I am not removing any thing from my page and I never said I didnt accept you as a daughter you act more and more like your mother every day and you have said a lot of hurtful things to me and your grandma and you just dont cant care about any thing unless its your way. News flash the world is a big place get over yourself because I duess the soul search didnt work hmmmm.
And just so you know....
I dont have access to your page since you blocked me along time ago and when I get sent things and I put them on my page oh well. I do have sons and daughters and a fiance that do send things to me because I ask. So what it is going to kill you for me to be proud of my kids and grandkids hmmmm dosent seem to bother the ones up north.

Here is my response to that, and no I have not sent him this response because it will just fuel WWIII and I am not in the mood to deal with what I call a douche bag of a sperm donor.

You no longer accepted me as your daughter no more than 12 hours before my wedding when you asked if I would invite my older sister (we were not friends, nor speaking at the time) and if I would not you wouldn't walk me down the aisle. Your loss but my loss as well because I could've just stayed in Texas and got married without all this bull crap drama. Also, you don't "accept" me as your daughter because you have all your 5 other kids listed under "Children" on Facebook and where am I??? In the Limbo of Facebook????
I take the comment about me acting like my mother more and more every day a compliment because my mother is a very strong woman. She has a very good heart and does what she can to survive! I love her more and more every day. She is my hero! Thanks for the compliment daddy-o!
I have never once said anything hurtful to my grandmother as she was never in this "fight" and yes, I have said hurtful things to you because you deserve it.
The only thing I ask to be "my way" is for you to apologize for what you did before my wedding because it was not a "family event" it was an event between my husband, myself and God and THAT IS IT and you need to see it was OUR day and not your day to invite whoever you wanted. That is all I ask. How hard is that??? You have been married 3 times...that I know of....so why can't you just see that??

So, is this all the love of a father or just some immature douche bag of a sperm donor???

It takes any guy to be a dad but it takes a real man to be a father!

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My Father:

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