Monday, December 27, 2010

Do I Stink???

Okay for my birthday, my dear hubby got me a Bath & Body Works gift card. I got 3 lotions and 3 sprays. I then went back the following day and got 2 "Christmas" gifts from hubby to me! He he!!!
So this is what I get for Christmas this year.

And it is starting to make me wonder.....................

Me saying: Are you trying to tell me I stink????

Oh and I braved the elements and posted these photos from Christmas morning on my blog for the ENTIRE world to is just brushed and face is washed...NO MAKE UP and my hair is NOT done.
Then again, I think I looked pretty darned good that morning! He he.


Shawn Becker said...

Your pictures are so cute! My goodness you do not need has been years since I looked like that!


Teresa said...

Aww thanks Shawn. Actually I think the flash of the camera flushed out my acne and black under eye circles!! LOL.