Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goodbye Job of 2010, Hello Job(s) of 2011

I'm staring at my keyboard in hopes my fingers will just start moving and typing something. Oh look..I did!!!
No really, my mind is so far gone today I just want to go back to bed.
I have been sick for about a week now with a sinus infection and a really bad sore throat which I am praying was or is not strep. Yesterday and today, it feels I can't drink enough water to soothe the scratchy feeling in my throat. It is irritating. At the beginning of this all my right nostril was the one all stopped up and now that is free and clear but now my left one is acting up. Oh jeez a loo. Why??? Why 3 days before Christmas??? I want the sickies OUT of my system and out of my house within 3 days OR ELSE!!!!
Although I have to give praise to my wonderful medicine Walgreens Cold Multi Symptom Nighttime. It knocks me out for about 12 hours. I feel bad though because step son is out of school so he gets up and watches cartoons and plays video games with lil man and here I am sleeping until noon. Hey, I gotta get better, right?

So, yesterday I posted about how I lost my job and how I was waiting on an email back from my boss/owner. I emailed her again around 9pm last night and told her it would be great if she could email me before the end of the night. *crickets chirp* Ya, about 20 min later I send her a text and tell her that I emailed her and I would appreciate if she would respond and she finally tells me she will read it and respond. Hmmmm.

About 9:45pm last night I received an email that went something like this:

I would take this opportunity to explain a few things. My lease at that store expires in a short time and I have decided not to continue at that location. Meanwhile I need to liquidate the store after Christmas and move inventory to my other stores. I do not need that many resources to run the store anymore. I will have to let you go.
I would also emphasize that you had less hours not because of other resources but because of your absences. Infact that made us hire other people to somehow run the store through Christmas.
I will have to keep people who went way beyond to help the store and help me.

Do I really need to explain myself to my boss or to you??? No, not really but I will give you MY side of the story.
I helped open that store. I left my job at Rally House Texas Sept 3, 2010 and started unpacking boxes at Learning Express Toys on Sept 7, 2010. We unpacked boxes until at least the 24th of September. That is about 2 or 3 weeks of work. Moving displays, putting displays together, filling up the shelves, putting together products for demo, etc. I volunteered to manage that store and I did a lot of marketing and PR for that store. I worked a lot at home on my family time for that store.
I called in sick twice because 1) and this may be TMI but sometimes I have heavy periods and sometimes they get so heavy I sometimes literally can't leave the bathroom....told you TMI so therefore I had to call into work for a female issue. Oh, don't give me crap because I know there are some you women who have done the same thing. 2)I called in sick one time because I had a really high fever which turned out to be due to my double ear infection I had a while back. I have worked many times with a fever but when your balance is thrown off, your ears are ringing louder than the Notre Dame bells and you can hear the ocean whooshing in your ears....I am not going to work like that. I even worked on my 5 year wedding anniversary...yes I did and I even worked on Halloween as well as Black Friday. I put a lot into that store. The other 4 times I was "absent" my boss gave me off 2 days to recover due to ear infection and 2 days (this past week) to get over this crap I have stuck in my throat and nose. So therefore, don't give me "too many absences" crap. Twice in 4 months I was not at work.
Did I not go WAY BEYOND to help the store as well as the boss??? Obviously not. Oh well, I am hoping there is better out there for me in 2011.


Katie said...

I can't believe she said that you had too many absences when you did everything to help her open the store! That is the hardest thing! I helped open Picture People in Highland Village...that was the hardest job I have ever done. I'm so sorry, Teresa...I know better things are out there for you!!!

Crystal said...

That sucks in a big way! BUt if your boss is that unappreciative that forget her! There's gotta be something better out there for you! Here's to hoping...and I'll say a prayer for you too!

Teresa said...

Thanks Crystal!!!! I am hoping to a better next year!