Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Back On Track

I know I set New Year's resolutions but maybe these "goals" will set me back on track to losing weight faster (yes that is seriously one of my resolutions and I will stick to it) as well as be a bit more motivated (have you SEEN my house?) as well as a bit more happier (yes that requires change in every department but this is for myself)

*Wake up around 8am because I am NOT a morning person and CANNOT wake up at 6 or the butt crack of dawn
*Grab a juice and a fruit for breakfast as well as maybe a bagel and some cream cheese on it
*Do a 30 minute work out
*Take the dog for a "cool down" walk after my work out...also to get her out of the house and on more walks
*Eat more healthy snacks as well as get my son to eat snacks (he doesn't eat snacks)
*Also play some board games as well as do 1-2 crafts with my son each day.

Those are my goals.

Today I will be going to the grocery store but I am also hoping to check out the "Natural Foods Market" in our town to see what they have fruits and veggie wise.

Who wants to do all this with me?? I need a "work out" "motivator" partner!?!?!

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penguinsandladybugs said...

These are great goals for getting back on track! Good luck!!!