Monday, January 3, 2011

Video Games, Overrated??

Growing up, I was not allowed to watch TOO much TV or play video games. I recall many times my mother would come in and turn off the TV claiming "Go find something else to do" So we would go outside, climb the tree, grab our towels and sunbathe, or maybe even find some friends down the street to cause trouble with!
Now a days, it is hard to get kids to play outside and step away from the TV or video consoles.
9:30am rolls around and lil man is typically up around then. We eat breakfast together while watching Scooby Doo or Tom & Jerry (or whatever may happen to be on). As soon as he is done with breakfast, "Mommy, my go play game now" comes crawling out of his mouth. Typically I will say "not right now, maybe later". Every 5 minutes he will ask to go play game. If he is not playing game, he is asking to watch cartoons. Boy, you got some board games, some coloring books, 2 boxes of Hot Wheels and Cars cars, and even an R/C truck. GO PLAY!!!! "Umm, no thanks" he will say. Really???
The thing is though, lately, I have found my husband playing Call of Duty: Black Ops almost every afternoon he wakes up before work and even most the evening on nights he is not working. My step son played a LOT of video games the 2 weeks he was on Christmas break and sometimes would even play online with my husband. Step son would be upstairs on the PS3 while hubby would be downstairs on the PS3. Yes, we have 2 PS3's in our house. We also have a PS2 system, step son has a PSP system and we still have my friend's Wii system which we plan on buying our own soon.
Also, lately, I have found myself playing a lot of Wii Strike Bass Pro Fishing as well as "Skill Ball" and "Darts" on "Game Party 2" Wii game.
Therefore, I have made another set of resolutions to take my son to the Aquarium, the Zoo, the Science Museum, the Library and other places (at least before he starts school this fall) to expand his mind PASSED video games.

Just a SMALL collection of games we have for our downstairs PS3. You should see the PS2 and PS3 collection of games we have for the UPSTAIRS consoles!


Unknown said...

With stuff like the Wii and the Kinect for XBox, playing video games isn't as bad for kids as it used to be. Sure, they don't really get to socialize as much or be outside, but if its the games where you have to get up and move, then at least its exercise. Bryan liked to act like he was bowling with me on the Wii, or drive the steering wheel while playing Mario Kart.

For COD Black Ops, well, someone got me addicted to COD :p, so I've been playing it A LOT too, but since I'm a bachelor now, I'm allowed to :D

Teresa said...

I completely agree with the Kinect or Wii games because my son loves to bowl as well and he will spank all of us but then it wears him out and he wants to sit and play it. It doesn't work that way because the sensor can only read it at certain spots in the room.

Carol said...

I have always refused to buy the games consoles and games for my children. Their estranged dad buys enough of them anyway, regardless of what I think.

BUT, I am getting into the Wii. You may remember I actually bought a Wii Dance on Broadway to help get fit this year.
I have no problem with the kids playing the Wii for a while.

I just have to put up with the xbox and ps3. I am aware that my son especially would not have anything in common with his school pals if he didnt have his xbox. Sign of the times I am afraid :(


Katie said...

Whenever a new game comes out like any Halo or COD, Tom spends AT LEAST 5 hours a day playing them. It is NUTS! lol

Anonymous said...

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