Monday, January 3, 2011

My Photo for Day 2

Okay, so I missed day 2 of adding a photo to my blog.
Here is Day 2's photo

Meet Iron Man. Iron Man now walks around with my Lil Man. We bought step son a new pair of shoes because I threw out about 3 pairs of shoes a few weeks back. Laces were torn apart, soles were missing, soles had holes in them or they were just gross looking. Well, lil man came to me yesterday and said "Mommy, my want new shoes like bubba got"
So, off to Academy Sports & Outdoors we go. Lil man pointed out 4 pair of shoes, but I never let him try them on because I have a hard time spending $30-$50 on a pair of shoes for him when his feet are constantly growing. We only went through only 1 pair of shoes (Spiderman) to try on though before we decided those are the shoes we wanted. They were only $20 which is not a bad deal, they do not light up so they are somewhat a "Big Boy" shoe but they are Iron Man. And get this......they are size 12. Yes, my 4 year old is wearing a size 12 shoe. Holy crud!!!!

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mindfrost82 said...

Bryan is a little over 3 and is wearing a 10 1/2