Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mommy My Hungeeee, My Tummy Gowlin

How often a day do you hear that??? Or that your child is hungry? I hear that from my 4 yr old at least every 10 minutes after he finishes his breakfast, every day around 12-1pm, every evening about 9:45pm (15 minutes before his bed time).

Well, here are 5 things to serve a hungry batch of kids whether they be your own children or your children and their friends.

1. Boxed Macaroni and Cheese
Go ahead and scoff, but in my experience most kids like boxed mac 'n cheese BETTER than homemade. If you have super picky kids on deck, you don’t even have to use the cheese powder. Make the macaroni plain and let ‘em toss real parmesan on top. This works just as well with red sauce.

2. Quesadillas or Grilled Cheese
Just put butter on the tortilla like you would making grilled cheese and throw it in a pan, put the cheese in the middle, and either fold it over or add a top tortilla.

3. Mini-Bagels
You can put anything inside these suckers and they are sized just right for kids. Cream cheese, tuna or egg salad, American cheese – even just plain butter works in a pinch

4. French Fries
Ever see those bags of frozen fries in the store? These are the PERFECT hearty snack for a large group of kids. Keep these on hand and you always have a solution to the “mom we’re hungry!” chorus, I use foil to line the baking pan too, so clean up is super easy.

5. Ramen Noodles
Are these bad for you? OF COURSE they are. But if you serve it only once and a while, I say it’s FINE. Balance the relative evil of ramen noodles against all the other undoubtedly large mistakes you are making as a parent, and suddenly they don’t seem so bad, right?


Chris said...

I was just writing about Ramen in my journal! We love the Japanese "Soba" version and "think" it's the sodium content that's really bad for me, so now I use one pkt (1 serving) of the seasoning to two servings of the noodles. I add nothing else but fresh veg and chicken. Okay so I probably should find out if, and why the noodles are bad for me.

Thanks for visiting my blog - chris

Chris said...

I forgot to say I like your hints for feeding the little ones. I have grandchildren and grt grandchildren, so when they come to visit, I'll have some of those ingredients on hand. BTW, I always found that my girls, when they were young, and their children all loving the packaged mac and cheese over the home-made kind.