Saturday, January 8, 2011

Motivation Needed

I need some motivation. I know, right, what's that?!?!?! Ha ha.
Tonight our church is hosting yet another "Movie Night" and they are playing "Hoosiers". Hoosiers, huh??? I know. I really don't think my boys will want to sit and watch that. I mean, come on, I was only 3 when that movie came out. I have never seen it. Give it Barbara Hershey was great in "Beaches" and Gene Hackman is great in just about anything. Even Dennis Hopper can be a great actor!
The last movie we saw at Movie Night was "Field of Dreams". Now THAT is a good movie but even my 4 yr old didnt want to sit still while watching it. I may be pushing it to take him and make him watch this movie. "Hoosiers" will definitely show you compassion and heart but not sure, again, a 4 yr old will understand that.
Either way, if I don't go tonight, I still need motivation to clean my house, yet again. I know, I cleaned the first few days of this week but there are things I left unfinished and it is the weekend so I need to finish them. I eventually need to start my laundry as well.
It is hard to have any motivation as a stay at home mom. You just want to stay in your pajamas, watch talk shows as well as some soap operas and a few episodes of "Dora" or "Max and Ruby" squeezed in there.

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