Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Haul...U Haul

I am here because....well I love my blog and readers and couldn't stay away! Ha. No really, I am here because I have a product review for you guys...and gals!
My face is....well oily and dry. *Droily*??? Can we say that?!?!
During the spring/summer weather my face gets very oily. Especially during the summer. My face looks like someone Turtle Waxed it. Uck. I have invested in a BUNCH of oil sheets for my face during those times. Well, during the colder months, my face is as dry as an elephant's butt. No, really. If I don't have make up on, it feels very stiff and about to break. No joke! When I have make up on, it is very flaky and gross looking. I never invested in moisturizer because I tend to break out when I try new make up/facial products.
Several friends with my same skin type told me to try Clean & Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturizer. I hopped over to the local store (because I needed enchilada sauce for enchiladas) and I grabbed it while I was there.

Now this baby KNOWS how to work. I am already using Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control face wash. It is supposed to give you that "burst" in the morning but I don't feel it. Ha! But also it is controlling my shine by making my face dry.
Either way, I started using this moisturizer last night after I washed my make up off. It is a pump so you just pump a pea size onto your fingers (at least that is what I did) and I rubbed in on my forehead, nose and chin. I then got another pea size and rubbed it on my cheeks. Another pea size went on my neck.
By 4:30am, I had already seen a difference. When I first put on the moisturizer, it felt like my face was on fire only because of the pimple fighting ingredient. I was up at 4:30am, by the way, because my stomach was yelling at me for food. Either way, places I saw a break out starting (after washing my make up off before bed) was barely visible when I was up early this morning. I was excited. It also made my face "glow" as well as smooth and not greasy at all.
I would recommend it for anyone with the combination skin type, oily or dry skin types!

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Katie said...

I HAVE to get some of this! My face is combination to oily too! Thanks for the review! Love you!