Monday, February 7, 2011

14 Days=2 weeks

That is all I have to keep telling myself today.
Yes, I realize it is a little after midnight. I should be in Actually, I am taking Amoxicillan (spelling??) and Hydrocodone to ease the pain of my wisdom tooth that is giving me crap about still being in my mouth.
14 more days, 2 more weeks til I can get this sucker out along with its counter part---the top wisdom tooth on the same side giving me some fits here and there.
The medicine makes me so drowsy that I have only been taking it at night so that way it helps me sleep as well as takes my pain away because I am a stay at home mom and with my hubby working nights, he sleeps during the day. Therefore, I am stuck being in pain all day as Ibprofen and Tylenol and Aleve (and whatever else I may have taken) does not seem to do any justice on the pain.
I should be in bed, I really should but about an hour ago I wasn't really feeling tired. Usually the Hydro takes about 15 min to kick in and within 30 minutes or so I am passed out, possibly drooling in bed. (Yes, I am known for drooling if my mouth slips open while I am sleeping.) Either way, tonight (or last night more like it) it was taking a bit longer than usual to kick in. Therefore, I am up typing this blog along with a few others.
My husband was able to sell my Nikon D200 with my 28-100mm lens for a good deal, so we are meeting up with the buyer later this afternoon to exchange cash for camera/lens. I have found some good deals so far online for a better, sharper camera with some extras along with it.
Also today, we will be in contact with our insurance agent due to a busted pipe that leaked in our attic and into our garage and hubby's boat. Hopefully, we can file a claim and get someone to look at it.
Photo shows water from our busted pipe leaking out of the light socket as well as onto the motor of our garage door opener.
It will be a "busy" Monday but the good news...I that the oldest child will be going back to school after having pretty much a 6 day weekend due to 4 days off because of the weather and then the normal 2 day weekend. He isn't that bad of a kid so I can't complain when he is home. I just complain that him and the 4 yr old play too many video games but that gives me to time to watch my DVR'd shows as well as do any possible cleaning (ya right) and just relax and have "me" time.
Okay, well I am going to try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. I look forward to reading comments in the morning!

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Dizzy C said...

Oh no! You are suffering. Toothache is one of the worst pains.

I have a saying, I would rather have a baby than visit the dentist!

Do hope the insurance cover the flood.

Having a teen and toddler can be a blessing as they seem to learn things quickly but I do hear you on the games. I try to keep our little one away from the games but it is not always easy.