Friday, February 4, 2011

My Pipes are Leaking

Sounds like a commercial for bladder control, huh?
Well, day 4 of the ice and snow here in Dallas and the past few nights we have taken EXTRA care to not have our pipes freeze and burst.
Well, today while watching "House Hunters: Dallas" with my hubby, I kept hearing a noise. I got up to investigate but heard nothing else and hubby said not to worry about it. Not even 10 min later, step son comes in and yells "umm, dad you may want to come in the garage now. We have a leak."
Yes, our attic is leaking ALL over our boat, ALL over our Christmas decorations and anything else including tools we may have out there in the vicinity. Turns out it was the pipe from our outside faucet that you connect the hose to that was running through our attic. Hubby is on his way to the home store to get supplies to temporarily fix it but he has estimated about $1000 or more in damages we have to file a claim with insurance.
Oy vey. When will it be springy like weather again here in Dallas?? I hate cold weather and I hate broken houses!

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