Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do I Think Myself A Slob??

"Nony the Slob" from A Slob Comes Clean sorta reminds me of myself from time to time. When I was working, I always thought myself to be too busy to clean but I still did it and now that I am a stay at home mom (again) I just feel no motivation to clean my house. I tell myself "this needs to get done" or "that needs to be cleaned" or "crap, I need to get laundry done" and where is my motivation??? Nowhere to be found.
She has these daily checklists, and I think I am going to steal borrow them for a bit to get myself back on track.

Some things on her list COULD apply to me but I don't really need them as a reminder so I probably won't add them.

Make bed....that is typically about 4pm after my husband rolls out of it, therefore, I don't typically make it unless he is not working that day.

Empty dishwasher....IF I run it the night before. We don't really use a lot of dishes and if we do, they are just bowls, glasses and silverware and I am not running a dishwasher when it is not full.

Clean kitchen....that needs to be done DAILY

Wipe kitchen cabinets and table.....that also needs to be done DAILY

Sweep kitchen...ya I need to just do this about once a week seeing as I do have 3 dogs and I will not sweep every day.

Therefore, I will make a checklist and add a few other things to it and maybe, just maybe, I can keep my house in order!


Sheila Siler said...

I know what you mean. I used to try and follow the lifestyle of "Fly Lady" which was helpful, but I fell off the wagon. I need to get back on.

Teresa said...

I LOVE the Fly Lady and followed her for a year or more and like you, fell off the wagon. I really need to get back on as well but I have been in so much pain lately with the pending wisdom teeth extractions that I haven't had motivation to do anything.