Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 13: Routines

I'm trying to catch up on my Joy of Love "project" as it will be ending in 5 days. Can you believe February is almost over with??? Wow.

Kelly from Willette {Classic Children's Portraiture} is hosting this Joy of Love course for the entire month of February.

Day 13 was about routines. There are many routines that go on in my house.
Such as my lil man comes and wakes me up by coming into my bedroom and saying "mommy, time to get up", we eat breakfast (usually he just does) and then we watch some cartoons together. Afterwards, we go upstairs where I check email and Facebook and he plays his video games. We then eat lunch and just go about our day.
There is one person in this house that has a "routine" and I wouldn't call it an every day routine but it seems like it.
He likes to play his Call of Duty: Black Ops after a few episodes of House or whatever else he may watch and before he goes to work. If he does not work that day, he will play some COD: BO before he goes to bed. In all honesty, yes it does get annoying because as his wife, he should be paying attention to me or even the kids but instead he is playing game. Yet, I think deep down I would sorta miss it if he just stopped. Like it is called, a routine.

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