Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 08: Love From The Heart

Kelly from Willette {Classic Children's Portraiture} is hosting this Joy of Love course for the entire month of February.

Love from the heart was the theme for Day 8's lesson. I know, you are probably wondering where Day 7 is. Well, the theme for that day was "Generations" and at this moment I don't have any photos that fit that theme. I will get to it, no worries.
My collage photo is of my puppy, Squirt. Yes, he gives me a hard time by chewing on stuff he isn't supposed to and using the house as a bathroom but he is just too cute and cuddly.
I kept telling my husband for a while that I wanted another puppy. We already have 2 dogs. I also kept telling him I wanted a baby as well so he told me "it is either a puppy or a baby, not both". Well, from the love of his heart, he got me a puppy for my birthday in 2009. I was shocked...well that it being almost a month before my birthday as well but it was still a great and thoughtful gift.

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Chris said...

What a cute little puppy! And what a great husband to bring you this little darling. I know you'll all be so happy together!