Thursday, February 24, 2011


No, I don't have one. Well, yes I have one. Sorta of. I have a Kindle for PC from and was able to "buy" some free books from there as well for the Kindle for PC.
One of the books I downloaded is called "Craving for God: A 21 Devotional Challenge"

I actually just started reading it. To me, it seems more about a person's battle with the scale and with food but for me, I turn it around to fit my lifestyle and see it as a battle of the heart and mind. Yet, at the same time, I have to agree with the writer because I am in this "struggle" with losing weight. I will tell my husband while staring into the fridge, "man, those Dr Peppers won't stop staring at me. I have to have one." "So get one," he will respond. In my mind, I tell myself that I should. No one but myself and him will know. THAT, my friends, is the problem. I will know. I will feel the guilt. Today will be 14 days without a Dr Pepper. I have done so well. I have only had 2 Root Beers in those 14 days. The rest, water and milk. I have done well. *Pat on the back* "Why are you not drinking Dr Pepper anymore?" You know how many times I have heard that question in the past 14 days? Well, for one, my brother stated he lost quite a bit of weight by giving it up. To me that was a tick mark on the Pro side of my "Why not to drink Dr Pepper Anymore" list. It will help me lose weight. Imagine how many calories and how much sugar you are putting into your body by drinking a soda. Another reason as to not drink it is, it was my addiction. I have never done any type of drug in my life. To me, Dr Pepper and chocolate....mainly M&M's were my drug. I had to have them. If I went a day or so without it, my head would pound, I would get moody and you just did not want to be around me that day. Therefore, it was time to kick the habit. The third reason and I think the most important reason of them all is strength. Can I do this? Can my mind and my body cooperate and make this happen? It has been 14 days, so I think I am showing some strength.
I have also heard in the past 14 days that I do not need to lose any weight, that I look good for being a mom close to her 30's, that I need to stop worrying about losing weight. In my mind I hear "blah blah blah" and look in the mirror and see wide hips, a not-so-tone set of abs and large thighs staring back at me. In the past 2 weeks, I believe (if my scale does not wrong me), I have lost around 3 pounds. Technically, to reach my "goal weight" I only have to lose another 7 pounds. I can do that! I can! That is, if I keep my mind strong and faith in my heart.
I know, that if I don't have a great support system in this realm, the Lord is a great supporter. He will listen to you when you need to talk and no one else is around. He will be the shoulder to cry on when you try on those clothes in the fitting room and just want to call yourself fat and ugly. The Lord will be there to hold your hand as you walk down that path to your goal.
Please, join me as I try to go along with this 21 Day challenge in recalibrating my soul and hold God's hand as I walk down this path.

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