Monday, February 28, 2011

Animal Filled Weekend Pt 1

My husband works evenings on a schedule sort of like a fireman's where he works 5 on, 2 off and then the next week 2 on and 5 off. So, I UNDERSTAND if his sleep schedule is all awry but he has been doing this for well over 8 yrs now so in my mind he should be used to it by now. Maybe I AM just giving him a hard time.
Either way, I complained about his "sleeping antics" the other day as he got about 14 hours of sleep the night before and then slept another 2-3 hours during the day. I can understand if he was out and about doing stuff or staying active around the house but he had woke up at around 1pm that day and then watched Tv and that was it. So, ummm, ya!
Therefore, he surprised the family with a "spontaneous outing" as he called it to the Dallas World Aquarium Sunday.
Here are just a few (as I have A LOT) photos from that outing. (If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you can see more or you can find me at Photography By Teresa on Facebook and check them out there.

This bird scared lil man to tears. He was sitting on a fence post about 2" from his face and then when he finally realized it was there, the tears started to flow. Poor guy, although it was a bit funny!

One of my favorites
Giving my lil man kisses as the sharks swim by

I am still editing photos from that day. It was my first day of really shooting with the "new" Canon 20D (I used to shoot with a Nikon D200 so it is a BIG change). 
I got home ready to crash as that was so exciting and so tiring at the same time but I enjoyed every bit of it. 

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