Monday, February 21, 2011

No work done

Secretly I was wishing for NO work done today. I got my wish. Actually the dentist told me today that if I go to a Root Specialist, they can save my wisdom tooth and even move it forward to where my molar was extracted from a couple years ago. That is good in 2 ways. 1) I don't have to have it pulled and 2) since it will be moved, it will give room for the top wisdom tooth to be shifted downwards and make more room in my mouth. I just wish he would've told us that at the first visit.
Also, the tooth that HAD been bothering (hasn't hurt in a week) is the one that the dentist will do a POSSIBLE root canal (he won't know until he gets in the tooth) and a crown. If a root canal is not needed, I will just get a crown.
The reason I didn't get any work done today is because it costs about $700-$800 MORE out of pocket than pulling the wisdom teeth did. Give it, our insurance is GREAT and pays at least 1/2 the total cost but still that is too much to pay out of pocket right now. Therefore, it looks like we are "shopping" around for a "cheaper" dentist and if we can't find one, we will go for the payment plans or financing the dentist has available.
Yay, here is to being able to eat!!! I was going in mentally thinking I would not be able to eat for about a week but I can now!!!

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